Farm Insurance

Larry Jones has been involved with agriculture his whole life. He has been insuring farms and farm families for over 32 years. In 2007, he received the prestigious designation as “Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist” (AFIS) from the Insurance Skills Center in Sacramento, CA.

Years of Farming Experience!

Why Carry Farm Insurance?

No matter whether you have a horse operation, a grain operation, a pick-your-own operation, beef or dairy operation, sheep or goats, or are just a gentleman farmer moved back to the country, we have the expertise to insure you properly.

If you own farm land and have a home, don’t insure your home with a homeowners policy.  Farms are different than normal homes, and need covered by a Farmowners policy, not a homeowners.  Homeowners policies normally don’t provide coverage for any of the risks you run by having a farm- like claims due to your livestock getting out and causing damage, or accidents involving farm machinery like a tractor, or injuries to someone helping you build fence, clear ground, or put up hay.

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