Commercial Insurance

General Liability

General Liability is vital to any contractor or business owner. Many customers are refusing to do business with anyone who does not provide them with proof that they carry General Liability.

Generally, if a third party brings a lawsuit which alleges that they were injured or their property was damaged by the business owner or his employees, General Liability first of all will pay to defend you against the allegations, and second of all pay the judgement if you are found negligent in the matter up to the limits of the policy.

Commercial Property

Everyone knows that commercial buildings and equipment must be insured by a commercial policy.

Today many folks are starting to operate a business out of their home. However, many don’t realize that Homeowers Policies have exclusions that exclude coverage to a personally owned building on their property, like a garage or storage building, or the contents of their home, if the property in question is used for business.

If you or your family members operate a business out of your home, you should consult with your agent to make sure your business property is covered properly.

Business Auto

While the major coverages with a Business Auto Policy (BAP) and a Personal Auto Policy (PAP) are very similar, The actual policy provisions can be very different.

Many companies writing Personal Auto have exclusions prohibiting business usage like pizza delivery and other delivery activities (flowers, etc).

Today however we see Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing operations which are considered commercial, but customers are unaware that their Personal Policy will not protect them adequately if an accident would occur while they are on business.

Workers Compensation

We offer Workers Comp in WV through several different insurance companies.

Workers comp has two parts. First is the statutory part which pays for medical bills and lost wages for covered workers.

The second part is called Employers Liability, which protects the employer in case an employee or the deceased employee’s family member might bring suit against the employer alleging that the his negligence caused the incident.

Some, but not all, policies can add coverage to protect against an alleged intentional action on the part of the employer.

In Ohio, Workers Comp is administered by the state through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

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